When you choose an insurance career.

You will be part of a team that anticipates the future and protects assets and loved ones.

From aiding a family struggling to rebuild after a disaster to bringing peace of mind to a first-time home or business owner, insurance is a great way to make a difference. 

You will be part of a team that lifts up communities and individuals in times of need.

Even though it doesn’t usually make the news, 90% of insurance claims are paid quickly without stress, directly topeople who have suffered loss.  For example, insurers paid more than $68 billion in claims in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  It’s the dedicated team of real people working in insurance who make it happen.


You will be part of a team that volunteers and gives back to the community. 

Each year, the insurance industry donates nearly $500 million – and countless employee hours - to deserving charities and people in need. 

You will be a part of a team that investigates and reinvents.

As the world changes, there's no limit to what insurance can protect - movie shoots, fancy weddings, pets, corporate data, even the physical assets of pro athletes and movie stars. And that's only the start.