Insurance Careers


Insurance Agent/Producer

Are you looking for a job where you will interact with clients regularly? As an Insurance Agent or Producer, you will have the opportunity to advise clients on what you think the best insurance route is for them.


Marketing Representative

Interested in marketing and sales? As a Marketing Representative in the insurance industry, you will be able to sell your business and insurance products by communicating regularly with your community.




Do you enjoy figuring out the probability something is going to happen? As an actuary in the insurance industry, you will help determine the cost of insurance based on probabilities. 



Do you like working with money and numbers? If so, a position as a finance professional in the insurance industry is the right place for you.



Claims Adjusting

Do you like to investigate the facts of any given situation? As a claims adjuster, you will be the first one on the scene to gather information about what happened. 



Risk Analysis

As an underwriter, you will be the decision maker for which insurance applications to accept for your company. You are in charge of how your company's money is allocated to different claims.



Loss control professionals and risk managers make sure people are following safety regulations and identify injuries that happen on the job. They play a huge role in helping insurance companies solve problems.



Do you want a job where no two days are the same? As an IT professional, you will help your insurance company with maintaining various forms of technology, all depending on the day.



Do you like to be in charge? The insurance industry is a great place for you to start climbing your career ladder. 




If you like to inform people on what is happening in the world around you, a communications career in the insurance industry is just for you. 



Office Administration

Do you want to work in the insurance industry but don't know where to start? An office administrator is a great place to learn more about the industry and get an idea of where you want your career to go.


Customer Service

Have a knack for helping people? A customer service position in the insurance industry will allow you to do just that.